Monday, May 18, 2020

Home Made Natural Rose Petal Powder

Wild Indian Rose

When we think of a rose, we think of love, care and affection. Roses have always been a symbol of love. Its aroma is calming and soothing, texture so velvety that mere a touch will take away all your blues. But Roses are not just pretty, they have countless skincare benefits as well. Many beauty brands use rose extracts in their products. When we talk about beauty there is always one name that comes to our minds, Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen, she used to use rose petals in her milk baths and beauty rituals. But for this affordable luxury you are not required to be a queen of some kingdom. You can make your own 100 per cent natural rose powder at home.

Before we get into the process of making rose powder. Let me enlighten you with some magical benefits of Roses:-

  • According to Ayurveda, rose balances sadhaka pitta, it governs the emotions.
  • It has cooling properties which help in prevention of skin issues such as acne and rashes.
  • Reduces inflammation of the eyes and skin.
  • Promotes peaceful sleep.
  • Slow down skin aging.
  • It has antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Now, that you are aware of some amazing properties of roses. Let me tell you how to make your own natural rose powder.

  • For this you need roses, as per your requirement. If you find Wild Indian Rose, that would be great as it is more beneficial than the one you'll get from the florist. You can find these wild Indian Roses in any herbal park or in a neighbour's garden ;-) 
  • But in case these are not available you can use the ones you find easily.
  • Make sure you use the roses which are free from pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Wash the roses thoroughly and take out all the petals from the flowers.
  • Let them completely dry in shade. Make sure you keep them away from sunlight. As it will diminsh its benefits.
  • Once the petals are completely dry, grind them to make a fine powder.

  • Store this powder in an air tight container.
  • And your, 100 percent pure organic rose powder is ready to use. The colour of the powder may vary according to the colour of petals.
  • Now you can use this powder in your face packs, scrubs etc

Hope you like this DIY rose powder. If you find this useful do share this with your friends :-)

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