Friday, June 12, 2020

Dos for Healthy and beautiful hair

There is hardly a woman who doesn't dream of having long, lustrous, and beautiful hair. When I was a kid I always dreamt of having long and beautiful hair like Rapunzel. And I used to get so mad at my mom whenever she got me a haircut as I always wanted long hair but my mom used to tell me that I was too young to take care of them but she gave in after my stubbornness and let me grow my hair long. Though she was right that long hair needs care and love as much as your skin. We pamper our skin with face masks, face serums, and whatnot, we try everything to achieve that perfect and flawless skin but we often take our haircare lightly which results in dull, dry, frizzy hair and even hair fall. I have experienced it all when I was away from home in a hostel during college. But thanks to my mom's never-failing haircare advice and the internet, I started researching what our hair needs, what should be done to keep your mane beautiful ever, thankfully with all this effort I was able to bring my hair back to life. But you don’t need to need to dig the whole web to know what works best when it comes to keeping hair healthy and beautiful as I have listed all the  do’s which you must follow for those perfect hair which you’ve always envied as every best thing demands best efforts:


  • Healthy Diet :

What we eat reflects outside. So a healthy diet is a must for perfect hair. If you're not getting appropriate nutrients you might end up losing your locks. So what should you eat to keep your hair alive? Here excess and deficiency of nutrients both are harmful to your hair. What you need is a balanced diet. Our hair is made up of a protein named Keratin so you need protein for healthy hair and protein can only be absorbed by our body if you are ingesting it alongside vitamin C. Consume nuts that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Biotin promotes hair growth, so you can consume whole grains for this. Deficiency of iron is also responsible for hair loss, for this you should consume leafy greens as they are a rich source of iron. Vitamin E improves the blood circulation in the scalp which in turn improves the overall health of hair follicles. It also balances the ph level of the scalp which prevents hair fall and keeps hair and scalp hydrated.

  • Hot Oil Massage:

Hot oil massage increases blood circulation in the scalp. It also relieves stress which is one of the prominent factors behind hair fall. It nourishes the roots from within, promotes new hair growth, increases the luster of hair, and provides strength.

  • Correct hair washing technique:

Don't be harsh on your scalp while washing your hair. You must not scrape your scalp with nails while washing as this is where hair roots are connected and this harsh scrubbing will only weaken them in turn increasing your hair woes. Always apply gentle pressure and massage for 2 minutes while washing, it will also promote blood flow to your scalp. Always apply a good conditioner after shampooing and never apply it on your roots but hair length. Avoid too much shampooing, 3 times a week is sufficient. As you might have noticed the more you wash your hair the more oil your scalp produces.

  • Correct  hair brushing Technique:

You all must be wondering whether you need a technique to brush your hair. The answer is yes. I have seen so many people brushing the wrong way. If you are also brushing from the roots to your hair down, you are also yet to learn the right way to brush your hair. You should always start brushing from the bottom of your and then move upwards towards your roots detangling the small sections of your hair. Combing from roots to the way down can pull the hair out of follicles, resulting in breakage. It is always recommended to brush your hair when they are in a dry state as wet hair is fragile and combing them results in more hair loss and weak roots.

  • Avoid sun exposure:

UV rays from the sun damage the hair cuticle, making hair dull, brittle, and discolored. The cuticle is the outer protective layer of hair which keeps the moisture locked in hair. Excessive sun exposure makes hair cuticles to open and this makes hair frizzy, dull, and lifeless. Make sure to avoid excessive sun exposure, apply a hair mask once a week, use hair products that have SPF in them.


  • Avoid heat styling:

Some so many people are into the habit of heat styling every day. But you must avoid this doing daily. As it can potentially harm your hair leaving it frizzy, weak, and dull. It can even cause hair fall. Make sure to use quality styling products whenever you style your hair. And a heat protectant is a must.

  • Regular hair trimming:

Regular hair trims will keep those split-ends and flyaways at bay, it makes your hair look healthy and pretty. Plus neatly trimmed hair gives you that bouncy and voluminous hair look.


I hope I have summed up all the dos for achieving those perfect hair. However, if you guys want to share some amazing haircare tips we are all ears and would love to read them in the comments section:)

Also, I would love to answer all your queries. If you have any please drop them in the comments, I would reply as soon as possible.



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